Ante Jeličić Coaching – Personal fitness trainer

Fitness training is not just training, passion, hobby, changing life habits, or working on yourself. Fitness training is all that but also much more, it is a WAY OF LIFE.

Along with providing you with knowledge, the principle I follow also offers you practice, and what it does not offer are instant solutions, perfect diets without effort, marketing tricks and, even worse, disappointment after spending money.

My training concept is wholesome – it offers CHOICE for your body, mind and spirit adapted to you exactly as you are at the moment when you decide to start with the first training session, which is also your first step towards becoming the best version of yourself.
I adjust my training to the wishes and needs of the trainees, keeping in mind that we are all original and authentic.

Find the BRILLIANCE in You

fitness trening

Functional training

Funkcionalni trening nije jednostavno definirati. Naime, u funkcionalnom pokretu smo stalno, bilo da ustajemo iz kreveta ili od stola, podižemo čašu, držimo dijete, penjemo se ili silazimo stepenicama, radimo u polju, konobarimo…

online fitness treneri

Online fitness program

Online fitness program through every day of the week. 7 days for 7 weeks. The program covers several combinations and methods of training with the aim of proper breathing, strengthening the core, balanced flexibility and an essential dose of strength.