Online fitness program

Online fitness program through every day of the week.
7 days for 7 weeks.

We spend a lot of time sitting, we live fast, we are under constant stress in the business world, COVID-19 has alienated us – we have created bad habits. Exercise and movement are the basis for physical and mental health. Pain in the back, neck, muscles and joints.

The program covers several combinations and methods of training with the aim of proper breathing, strengthening the trunk, balanced flexibility and an indispensable dose of strength.

This unique synthesis creates a low-impact isometric routine that works to build alignment and balance, strong tone, flexibility and toned muscles.

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose fat, build muscle, develop fitness and health in general; I have created this program with every aspect in mind, and the only thing you need is iron will.

Each of us has a different health status, lifestyle, morphological characteristics, motor skills and knowledge, energy capacities, character traits, cognitive abilities and socioeconomic aspect. That’s why everyone needs different training.

We will combine levels of preparedness, nutrition, intensity, training volumes, methods of recovery and rehabilitation in accordance with your wishes, and once again you only need a strong will and high motivation.

Why this program?

  • work out from the comfort of your home
  • individualized approach
  • mind body connection
  • prevention
  • stepping out of the comfort zone
  • timing
  • timely applied training with optimal nutritional support and psychological preparation
  • better sleep, excess energy during the day

What is included in the price?

  • mentoring via the Zoom application
  • video instructions
  • individualized approach
  • education to learn to breathe and exercise properly yourself
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Find the BRILLIANCE in You


after 7 weeks (49 days) putting together a new training cycle

Who is this program not intended for?

– for those who are looking for instant solutions
– for those who seek magical transformations
– for those who only care about being trendy and having another fitness program

online treninzi

Training schedule

Day 1 – lower back exercises 1 / breathing techniques

Day 2 – lower back exercises 2 / breathing techniques

Day 3 – interval / importance of warm-up

Day 4 – mind body relaxing / the importance of stretching

Day 5 – outdoor / enjoying nature

Day 6 – home / training without props

Day 7 – rest