Change is the only constant in life, uncertainty is the only certainty there is. Such and similar phrases are undoubtedly true. However, at the same time, they are very dangerous when it comes to mind/body approach to fitness. For what reason?

Because they are blocking us. We are bombarded with words like transformation, instant, reshaping, etc.. and they are not necessarily bad, after all, they are a byproduct of our goals, but what happens is a blockage within ourselves.

In every workout, whether it’s an hour in a gym or preparation for the Olympics, there are pre-exercises for preparation and focus on the right ones that bring progress. The same is true in the mental concept. The word transformation can be on the top of our pyramid of goals or our small personal Himalaya, but it is necessary to take many small, tiny steps to get there.

And that’s exactly why bombastic headlines and bombastic expectations have a counter-effect in ourselves, because in order to start working on ourselves at all (either in the physical aspect, or in the mental aspect, which ultimately boil down to the same aspect), we must first:

1) accept ourselves as we are
2) embrace ourselves as we are.

That moment right now, that reflection in the mirror right now, that is exactly the best version of yourself now. And we must love it from the bottom of our heart so that our being would respond to the ultimate goal of transformation and the necessary harmony of body and mind.

I used to experience sports as a close musical composition. It permeated me with the satisfaction of the refinement of the sportsman’s spirit in the struggle for progress and success, and the beauty of a body in movement, which strives for perfection with its harmony, technique and strength.

Mental & spiritual fitness

man on the beach at sunset

Personally, I really, really like philosophy, but being overwhelmed with “how to” solutions and unnecessary “philosophizing” without taking any action is almost the same as knowing nothing. Knowing nothing or knowing everything without applying the knowledge is almost the same.

On a subconscious level, we send violent thoughts to our body if we do not embrace it as it is. We can refer to such thoughts as “the thoughts that attack”, and what the body needs is self-love, compassion and creating space for a new best version of yourself.

Such a journey always contains beauty, and your body will thank you because you will not force it, but rather cooperate with it.

The fitness industry has become very important and strong in recent years, but somehow it seems to me that more and more people blindly follow instructions just to be trendy and not to achieve harmony between mind, body and spirit and thus become happier, more productive and more satisfied with themselves.

Fitness training does not mean paying membership fees, and later eating unhealthy food. A training session lasts for an hour to an hour and a half if it is intense, and the other 22 and a half hours in your day are even more important. The fact that you have a membership fee, and someone, for example, is a waiter and walks more than 10 km doing their job while having a healthy diet, does not mean that you are an athlete, while he is not. Quite the contrary. And that’s why it’s extremely important that you don’t fall into the trap of emotional overeating, that you’re not fooled by the previously mentioned imposed trends, superficial stories and a public image that is purely superficial, and by no means reflects the real athlete that hides or dozes deep inside you. 24 hours a day. Your body is a living energy and let’s give it enough space for training, rest, relaxation, and reward it with everything it needs as if we were caring for our favorite plant.

Which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature? – Jesus Christ
*length measurement, about 50 cm

The body is a shore in the sea of existence.
A natural path as the change of tides, let’s invite the intuition to return to the body so that the body could express itself.

The lion has less than 30 percent hunting success rate, yet it is known as the king of the jungle. Why? Because it compensates its success with another. Strengthen your strengths and your weaknesses will become less weak. Let go of your weak forces and through natural selection the pattern will change.

No one pours new wine into old wineskin. -Jesus Christ

The outward work can never be small
if the inward one is great,
and the outward work can never be great or good
if the inward is small or of little worth. – Meister Eckhart

More important than an individualized approach to training, because every training session is individualized in some way for the simple reason that we are all individuals, is to recognize the wishes, needs and motives of the person who works out and thereby become aware of who they are as a whole. Of course, everyone has a different body, posture, habits, past, affinities and aspirations, but more important than all of these items is the present moment and the one we build in the present moment and which continues into the future.

It is known that sport can bring the so-called the feeling of ecstasy (being in the zone), joy and peace that are characteristic of experienced meditators, however, for start it is very important that the heroes who serve as role models and incentives for training do not become idols, perfect images and a source of frustration. Every journey begins with the first step, and it will be the same with the first training session. The barriers that we will break through in order to tune our orchestra (body) to the required chord will require a step out of the comfort zone, perseverance and consistency.

I’m not trying to be better than them, I’m just trying to be better than I was yesterday. – Muhammad Ali