Life coaching



My opinion as a long term COACH is that every individual, be it a professional athlete or not, shouldn¢t forget about personal growth. Fast track living in times we are now on are challenging, rapid, changeable and that cause sometimes an unbearable stress, anxiety, unrealistic expectations, ups and downs in our relationship. 

Personal growth is very important if we want to not only acheve our goals, but to be the best of service to ourselves and others-which we influence with our work, but not less important, with – our being. My experience, passion, expertize and knowledge from different fields of coaching which I personally had to study and more importantly put into practice, covers broad aspect of psychology, motivation, mental health, responsibilty, wellbeing, relationship, mindfulness, breathing techniques and meditation would be personalized to your strivings, goals and aspirations to LEAD YOU  from place where you are now to place you want to be.

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