Ante Jeličić – Fitness & Life coaching

About me

Born in “the sportiest city in the world”, Anta was drawn into sports by his father, who was a coach himself. He has been playing handball since he was six years old, and after finishing his studies he managed both Australian national team selections and a number of clubs. He entered the Guinness Book of Records as the youngest coach of a world national team in handball history.

In addition to having a diploma in sports management, he also studied in the USA, where he completed his postgraduate MBA studies. He completed many additional courses and professional seminars, both for work purposes and for his own interests in the fields of handball, fitness, mind body, and all types of coaching, where he combines his knowledge and passions from metaphysics, psychology, philosophy, relationships and literature.

Personal fitness trainer

Fitness training is not just training, passion, hobby, changing life habits, or working on yourself. Fitness training is all that but also much more, it is a WAY OF LIFE. My training concept is wholesome – it offers CHOICE for your body, mind and spirit adapted to you exactly as you are at the moment when you decide to start with the first training session, which is also your first step towards becoming the best version of yourself.

  • Individual trainings
  • Group training
  • Diet plan
  • Mental training and preparation for competition
  • Online training
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Life coaching

My opinion as a long term COACH is that every individual, be it a professional athlete or not, shouldn’t forget about personal growth. Fast track living in times we are now on are challenging, rapid, changeable and that cause sometimes an unbearable stress, anxiety, unrealistic expectations, ups and downs in our relationship. Personal growth is very important if we want to not only achieve our goals, but to be the best of service to ourselves and others-which we influence with our work, but not less important, with – our being.